Emergency Planning

The Emergency Plan is currently not operational due to lack or resources.


The Parish Council are working with the community to implement a plan of action in the event of an emergency.

Street Wardens have also been appointed although this process is as yet incomplete. The objective of “Street Wardens” is to visit every dwelling in the event of an emergency being declared to make sure that everybody is identified and safe.


The most serious emergencies affecting the community will be dealt with by the Emergency Services and/or the County and District Council. However if there is a delay in their arrival or controlled intervention is required we need to ensure that we have plans in place. In addition the committee will continue to monitor the situation and act as and when required so to do.


It is extremely important however to clearly state to all residents that certain every day events which individuals/families may regard as “An Emergency” will not fall under the Emergency Plan support system i.e.


  • Boiler breakdown
  • Short term electricity failure
  • Short term withdrawal of water supply
  • Tiles off the roof
  • A burst pipe
  • Doctor’s/Hospital appointment
  • and such similar events which will be the responsibility of the householder/s



Examples of where the Leaders, Deputies, Wardens and Volunteer Residents may be able to assist are as follows:


  1. Sudden flood of the area requiring sand bags and the like
  2. Total movement restrictions due to heavy/prolonged snow fall where we should be able to deploy 4 x 4 vehicles to assist with the collection of medicines/ food/materials etc. where absolutely necessary
  3. Long term electricity supply failure where blankets/food/portable heaters etc. may be required for those with particular needs
  4. Total lack of water supply for an extended period requiring bowsers/delivery
  5. A need for temporary accommodation in the event that premises need to be vacated


Upon being notified of a problem The Appointed “Leaders”, together with representatives of the Parish Council, will determine whether an Emergency is to be “Declared” and the emergency plans will sweep into action. Street Wardens will call upon every household in the event of such “Emergency” being declared. Similarly you will be advised when the emergency is deemed to be “Over” by the volunteer Wardens.


A new national phone number “105” to report power cuts

A new national phone number “105” has been launched by electricity network operators for customers to call should they need to report or get information about a power cut in their area.