Defibrillator Training Session 24/1/16

Using the Defibrillator

In partnership with the Community Heatbeat Trust and with a generous donation from Cleeve Vale Rotary Club, we have been able to provide a defibrillator to be used in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.


This is located on the outside wall of Dumbleton Village Hall and is in a distinctive yellow vandal-proof cabinet

What to do in the event of an emergency




ENSURE THE SCENE IS SAFE For yourself, for the casualty and for others - remember your safety comes first


CHECK RESPONSES  by speaking to casualty in both ears and by touch. If unresponsive, call 999 and SHOUT FOR HELP


ENSURE AIRWAY IS OPEN AND CLEAR.Make sure nothing is blocking the mouth. Lie casualty on their side in recovery position to drain anything from the mouth

LOOK, LISTEN and FEEL for normal breathing. Keep the airway open by tilting head back slightly. Check breathing by placing ear close to casualty’s mouth and check chest is moving


IF NOT BREATHING NORMALLY, START COMPRESSIONS**. Place hands in centre of chest and press down hard. Give 30 compressions then 2 breaths, then 30 more compressions at one per second. Continue until help arrives or the casualty recovers


GET SOMEONE TO FETCH THE COMMUNITY AED. OBTAIN LOCK CODE FROMEMERGENCY SERVICES OPERATOR. Open the AED attach the electrode   and follow the audible instructions. DO NOT BE AFRAID, YOU CANNOT DO ANYTHING WRONG. Continue to follow instructions until medical help arrives

What to do in the event of an Emergency
A short decription of what to do in the event of an Emergency
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